I’m Patty, a boutique cake artist and cake business coach. I specialize in gumpaste sugar flowers and fondant work, teaching you how to improve your craft so that you can create professional and hyper-realistic flowers for your cakes and amazing fondant decorations. 

Are you ready to get started? I have several downloadable resources on this page to guide you in the direction you are looking for, whether it be sugar flowers, fondant work or cake business tips.

New To Gumpaste Flowers? 

I have you covered. Knowing where to get started when making these flowers can be confusing and overwhelming. I know it gets frustrating when the petals break easily, the flowers look clunky and not realistic, and you just can't get them to lay right. Have you ever started making gumpaste flowers and realize you don't have the right cutters or the wrong size floral wire? Ugh. I know. I created an 18-page guide to help you get started making your sugar flowers. This guide is loaded with great tips that will get you started on your sugar flower journey, and it's free, my gift to you. Click on the link below to grab your guide. 

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My link tree list is filled with many resources that you can use in your cake decorating and cake business growth. Download checklists, info graphics, beginner's guides, cake business guides, supply lists, and so much more. These resources will help you along the way your cake decorating journey.

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The Cake Biz Tribe Membership Program


Starting a cake business? Already own one and need extra help? This membership program will take you on a success path to lead you to a profitable business with happy customers. No matter where you are in building or sustaining your business, you will find endless resources to help you along the way.

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In Love With Sugar Flowers?

Are you a wedding cake maker or cake maker who uses sugar flowers in your design? Want to learn how to make your flowers more realistic looking? 


Sugar Flower Academy

 Flowers of the Seasons

Learn how to create realistic looking gumpaste flowers to level up your cakes to attract high-end clients. You will be amazed at the difference in your sugar flowers after going through this course and learning pro tips on special effects for your flowers. This is my signature course which is an 8-module program teaching 8 different flowers touching on all seasons. Showing you techniques on how to make your sugar flowers hyper-realistic.


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Want To Learn All About  Starting a Cake Business?

My membership program, Cake Biz Tribe, helps cake business owners continually scale their cake business and helps new cake business owners how to get started. Learn the difference seasons of a cake business and where you fit in. Each season will have ongoing specialized trainings for where you are at in your cake biz journey, whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned cake biz owner. 


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I’ve been in cake decorating for over 10 years starting out making and designing my daughter's college graduation cake. After making that cake, I fell in love with cake decorating. I look at it as edible art. You can turn a plain cake request into a beautiful design. Over the years I have taken more than 100 classes on cake design, sugar flowers, and everything in between. I have a special love for sugar flowers and vintage style cakes. Now, I have taken the skills that I have learned and am teaching you the fine art of cake design. 

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